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Surgical Powdered Gloves


  • Surgical Gloves are worn by medical practitioners during medical treatment to avoid the transfer of germs, and infectious diseases between the doctors and patients. They are mainly used in hospitals and laboratories. Made from natural rubber, they are most flexible and resilient so as to fit any size of the hand. They are available in different sizes. Gloves stand fit to hand so that the caregivers feel comfortable holding the objects and performing medical practices.

  • Surgical gloves are made of different polymers including latex rubber, nitrile rubber, vinyl, and neoprene. But latex surgical gloves are very popular.

  • Latex gloves are manufactured from a pure natural rubber sub-product called latex. They are extracted from rubber trees in liquid form. They are exuded from the rubber tree after a cut or injury on the tree. They are in pure white milky color. This liquid is then processed with different chemicals. From this processed latex liquid, gloves are manufactured using special machines and processes.

  • Sterile latex surgical powdered gloves should be disposed of after each use. They should not be reused, as this could increase the risk of infection.

  • Serve all crucial needs in healthcare, food/abrasive handling and managing Pharma products with a perfect grip. Our powdered gloves are a fundamental safety gear that provide an additional touch of hygiene and protection. 

  • With versatile applications, put our powdered gloves to use and maintain high safety standards along with an excellent grip.

  • Welcome superior comfort in your everyday tasks. This light powder coating facilitates easy wear and removal while also reducing finger fatigue.


  • Made of from finest quality latex

  • Complies with the requirement of ASTM D 3577, EN 455-1, 2, 3, 4 standards

  • Hand specific

  • Micro roughened finish

  • Powdered with USP-grade bio-absorbable corn starch (powdered Surgical Gloves)

  • ETO/Gamma irradiated gloves

  • Packaging as per customer requirements.

  • Powder <10mg per dm2.

  • Protein <50ug per glove (below detection limit)

  • Dermal sensitivity: None as per ISO 10993 Part 10 tests.

  • AQL 0.65 for holes to ensure barrier properties.

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