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Surgical Powder Free Gloves


  • Surgical gloves are an indispensable requirement in the medical world. These gloves are worn by doctors and surgeons during the course of a surgical operation.

  • During surgery, the inner parts of a patient's body come into contact with the hands of the surgeons and the medical team, and in such cases, it is quite easy for the doctor or the patient to pass on harmful infections or germinal contaminations to each other.

  • For this reason, standardized rules have been set in the medical community as to the proper usage of surgical gloves, and every individual within a medical team is supposed to follow such regulations.

When to use sterile latex surgical gloves:

  • Sterile latex surgical gloves should be used whenever there is a risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens or other infectious diseases. This includes, but is not limited to, the following procedures:

  • Surgery

  • Invasive medical procedures

  • Handling of blood or other bodily fluids

  • Cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment

  • Handling hazardous materials

  • Our Sterile latex gloves are designed for surgeries, examinations, and handling liquids in a sterile environment. It enables doctors to perform procedures such as catheter insertion, central intravenous or arterial lines, and associated care. Proper use of these gloves prevents cross-contamination while dressing wounds and provides complete protection against bacteria and viruses.

  • Our gloves meet the highest standards required for medical procedures. We offer exceptional comfort and dexterity, allowing medical professionals to perform delicate procedures with confidence and ease. We understand the critical importance of maintaining a sterile environment so our gloves are engineered to safeguard both patients and healthcare providers, ensuring that harmful bacteria and viruses are effectively blocked. 

  • We take pride in customer satisfaction and provide exceptional quality gloves at most affordable rates. We don't compromise with quality and dexterity, hence our gloves have great tensile strength and flexibility. We guarantee you the best protection.


  • Pleasant Odor

  • Easy and Fast Donning

  • Consistent Color

  • Superior aging properties compared to conventional chlorinated gloves

  • Excellent grip in wet and dry applications

  • Allergy free

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